I specialize in backend development but I'm generally an all-rounder, which means I'm quite capable of frontend development and setting up servers.

When I'm not coding, chances are I'm riding my racebike or playing around with hardware and devices.


I've been enjoying my job as lead backend developer at Yappa where I build websites ranging from small landing pages to large webshops, and web applications.

I'm not looking for freelance work at this time, but contact me anyway, you never know!

Work Experience

July 2011 - present

Senior PHP Developer

As a senior developer at Yappa, my tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Expansion and improvement of a CMS built on top of Symfony2
  • Maintenance and refactoring of an old CMS built on top of CakePHP 1.2
  • Development of websites ranging from small to very large
  • Writing applications from scratch
  • Database design and optimization
  • Improving the workflow
  • Web service creation and integrations (REST, SOAP)
  • Basic management of the local development server

I've learned a lot while working at Yappa, I've had the chance to experiment with new technology, frameworks and languages. During the last year I've been mostly refactoring legacy code for projects that continue to grow and need some extra attention.

April 2011 - May 2011

Intern - PHP Developer

During my internship at Yappa, I created an soccer team management application from scratch. It was my first big project and did most of the front and all of the backend development. The application included a user system, multiple CRUD pages but also a dashboard and statistics. After the application was finished, I worked on creating modules for a CakePHP 1.2 based CMS.



Languages: PHP NodeJS
Frameworks: Symfony CakePHP Laravel Express Silex
Testing: PHPUnit Behat TravisCI PHPCI
Server: Apache2 Nginx Linux Docker Vagrant Ansible
Database: MySQL MongoDB
Version control: GIT SVN


Javascript: jQuery SocketIO ReactJS Polymer Angular
Tools: Gulp Grunt