Staying up to date in the tech industry is an important part of the job. There's no doubt you've seen dinosaurs in the sector who've been stuck in their ways for years. You don't really want to be that person when you reach that age, do you?

Before I move on, keep in mind that I write from a web developer point of view and it may or may not apply to your own role.

When I just started programming, the resources out there were rather limited, I learned most of the basics from W3Schools and there was no StackOverflow yet. Most of the resources I've used back then no longer exist.

These days it's a bit easier, there's a host of information out there and it becomes hard keeping track of it all.

Keeping track of blogs

Good resources are always the blogs of developers and tech companies, however, if you had to keep a list of bookmarks and visit them all - you wouldn't be very productive.

The solution to this, in my opinion is still RSS, it may not be as popular as it used to but it's still the most effective way to keep track of hundreds of blogs and/or news sites. It has been, and probably will be my main source of information, I browse my feed at least daily.

I personally use Feedly as my RSS reader, I've been using the free version since Google Reader shut down in 2013. However, there are still good alternatives out there, even self-hosted ones if you prefer to not depend on an external service. Invest some time in picking out an RSS reader that suits you, it will all be worth it in the future.

When I come across good articles, I usually take a quick glance at their other ones before I subscribe to their RSS, eventually you'll have many good sources of information.

I recommend categorizing every RSS feed you add, especially when you add big tech sites because they write so many articles that other articles may get lost in the noise. Definitely separate news sites from blogs at the very least.

If you don't know where to start, check out the Software Engineering Blogs repository on Github and search google for lists of the more known people in your area of interest, eg "software development blogs".

Keep track of individuals

Following the better known people of your area of interest on your favorite medium such as Twitter is also a very common way to learn about the latest developments in tech. There may even be websites such as to help get you started, I do recommend you actually look at who you're following before spamming the follow buttons.

As an alternative to Twitter, there's also Mastodon, although the userbase is limited. You could also take your chances with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc, but I don't recommend it.

I use Twitter sporadically, when I have spare moments or when I just don't have anything else to do.

Visit relevant news aggregator websites

I regularly visit websites such as Hackernews and Reddit, Reddit requires some setting up - ideally you just join subreddits relevant to your interests. For me, it was a good source for finding blogs - at this point I've already seen most of the content in my RSS feeds before I visit Reddit.

Hashnode and are also fairly good, both in discovering relevant content and in finding interesting people to follow.

Alternatively you can subscribe to your topics of choice through StackShare to get Top news from Hacker News, Reddit, Lobsters, and RSS feeds in your inbox.

That's it for now, hope this will help someone somewhere!